Medical Records

Mental Health EMR (Electronic Medical Records) designed especially for: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Clinics, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (APNs), Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, and other mental health professionals!

Make individual and group notes. Therapy notes FORMS for Comprehensive Mental Health Assessments, Progress Notes, Treatment Plans, Discharge Summery; Medication initial Assessments, Medication Progress Notes and Counseling Fact Sheets, Pre-discharge and Discharge letters, co-sign notes by patient, Clinical and Medical Director.

  1. Easy Front Page navigation. Medical and Clinical staff pictures.
  2. Create profile for unlimited providers (Counselors, Psychiatrists, APNs, and PAs) and supportive staff members (Administrator, Office Manager, Receptionists, Billers, Etc.).
  3. Create different groups of providers with given rights.
  4. Create unlimited patient folders to keep electronic documents (Copy of Rx, Referrals, Discharge letters, Etc.) in the patient electronic charts.
  5. Authorize to use different forms to different providers (Counselors, Physicians, Etc.).
  6. Create different rules to use, view, edit and delete the patient’s forms.
  7. Electronic Patient’s Sign in Sheet (on the tablet).
  8. Electronic patient’s Intake, including patient’s information, insurance, service description, office rules and patient’s signature (on the tablet).
  9. Internal EMR Instant Messenger to communicate between staff members.
  10. Internal Alert at the patient’s profile.
  11. Search by patient, provider, last day of appointment, active and inactive patients.
  12. Scan and Upload documents in to the patient’s charts.
  13. Provider’s ability to Copy medical/ clinical records from the last patient’s visit and just update the record for current visit (saves time on the paperwork).
  14. Provider’s ability to put electronic signature to the forms and letters.
  15. Ability to create pre-discharge and discharge letters and Termination Summery right to the patient’s Discharge folder.
  16. Place patient’s electronic signature on the forms.
  17. Unlimited document storage, unlimited support.
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